- Email Amy -
Amy Barnett is very excited about her 50 Star Productions adventure and to continue the work she loves. Having worked in this field for several companies and for many years, she has fallen in love with this type of production work. She brings 10 years of event experience to her budding new company.

After being born and raised in Utah, Amy still resides there and will always call it home. When not unfurling flags or helping the shipping courier load his truck, she finds her joy playing with the 50 Star dog, Sasha.

Other interests include rainy days and Mondays and becoming your next American Idol.

- Email Ray -
This is Ray. I have dragged Ray into all my quests and adventures. So, I wouldn't think twice about having him by my side through this one too. Now he has 10 years experience under his belt and is truly invaluable. A jack of all trades in every way... paramedic by trade, he is also a flag pro, a carpenter, dancer staff and chaperone, prop builder, I.T. man, client manager, travel agent, maintenance man, and all around whipping boy. His multifaceted personality is apparent in his love of hockey and Broadway musicals, speed skating and highlighting his own hair.

He might be little, but a giant of a worker! (After all, the average height of a Roman gladiator is 5'4"... according to Ray.)  


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